How to work

New user, add “test use” in quantity. Only choose 1 and proceed to checkout. Choose payment “test use” (for the first time). Place order! You must fill name and address correctly for the system to work. A valid email address is required. The VPN username and password will be sent to your email. After you receive the username and password, start using the VPN. Choose a good server as you prefer.

After you make test use. If you chose OurVPN , you don’t need to test use checkout normally another payment. Test use is only 3 days change. purchase again within 48 hours will use your test account with depend you bought  product plan . 

Hi! Android and iOS users can download our app from their respective app stores. I will link below to both versions for your convenience.

Calling all tech enthusiasts! Here’s the ultimate roundup of download links for your favorite platforms:

  • Feeling fancy with iOS? Get your click party started here!
  • Android aficionados, click here to join the fun!
  • Windows warriors, unleash your clicking skills here!
  • Mac lovers, dive into the Apple ecosystem here!
  • Linux aficionados, your click party awaits here!
  • And Fire TV Stick owners, get ready to ignite the clicking frenzy here!
  • Without google Playstore android, download here!

Happy clicking, folks! May your downloads be swift and your installations be glitch-free! 🚀🔥📲

……….Once you have obtained the username and password, you will be fully equipped to utilize the client app with utmost confidence and efficiency.

Our VPN protocols passionately embrace it!


Absolutely fantastic! Our support extends to all the state-of-the-art protocols you can imagine: OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. But hey, we’re not stopping there! If you think there’s another protocol we should add to our line-up, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re eager to hear your suggestions and make our service even better. The possibilities are endless! Keep those ideas coming! 🌟

Sure thing! So, here’s the deal. When it comes to usernames and passwords, forget about typing them in and hitting “enter.” Our fancy client app is way ahead of that game! All you gotta do is use the update feature, because who needs all that hassle of entering anything manually, right? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the system. It’s that easy! 😉

Hey, check out the new feature on this block! Just click on the X after the update and see how it works. It’s pretty cool! When the Mac OS client app is missing network connection, remove it and then reinstall it to restore the connection because the Mac OS app can be manually switched. shout be care

I can provide content for this block. Let me assist you.

If you love returns and exchanges, don’t hesitate to make your purchase within a maximum of 2 months. But if you consider yourself a true gentleman, go ahead and make a purchase that will last you for 6 months! Why do we encourage this? Well, it’s simple. Our warranty conditions may vary after a certain period of time due to additional charges, taxes, and fees that may apply. So let’s avoid the hassle and make the most out of your purchase with confidence and peace of mind!